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Dental Insurance I see in the  shoulder tendon tears you’re going to  know you have a tendon tear because most  likely Dental Insurance the doctor will say it you will it was generally picked up on an MRI  which is a machine that.

That that um takes an image of your shoulder pendant cares can be accident related you can  split your tendon and they can come from an accident what type of accidents car accidents as you .

dental insurance

dental insurance

All types of motor vehicle accidents truck accidents  motorcycle accidents even a fall that’s the good news if you’re making a personal injury case based on your injury which is a tendon tear the bad news is.

that tendon tears  may also be before the accident this is against something when every new client who either calls me after they’ve been diagnosed with a tendon tear a doctor tells them they have a tendon tear .

I  discover it in their medical records after the Siddhartha it’s one it just it enters my head is a possible injury that existed before the accident and if it enters my head it enters the insurance adjusters  head who’s handled likely many many many tendon tear cases yours will not be their first tendon cases .

maybe more difficult cases what do I mean by that because your tendon may have existed your tendon tear may have existed before  the accident you have the additional element of your case improving that your accident caused the tendon tear you need your doctor to relate the tear doctors are very.

important in personal injury cases hopefully with your doctor telling  the truth he will relate your tear to the accident some doctors do a lot of work for insurance companies and if you’re injured during work.

for example and you treat what the workers doctor who is bailing your workers compensation insurance they are more likely to say  that tear was not caused by the accident hopefully cb edits your doctor says again the tear is related because again as part of a personal

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