Life-saving Tips About Renaissance Dental

The number of patients Renaissance Dental who came in a period of time say let’s just say March how many people came in March who had a comp exam but I also create a new code which is a a which is an emergency patient.

Who was seen for the   first time so when I run my new  patient reports I’m  looking at how many patients came in for a comp exam and how many patients came as new patients through our emergency channels yes so I look at a little differently so I don’t really use any of the reports.

That just print off new patients for a period because patients  seem this month could be very different if this was the first time they’ve been in or this was you know especially some of the resort areas.

Renaissance Dental That I work in maybe somebody came in as a new patient but they just had a crown reinserted or you know trust me to a denture yeah and  that’s good at no matter as long as the procedures walked out on.

What the difference is for each one of  Renaissance Dental those you  okay so first of all you said you can hit P and that would take you to everything that starts with patient or anything that starts with the word P and that’s a to get to the right section.

But Ego soft has also gone through and kind of categorized the type of reports you might want to look for and then there’s  my favorites and quick reports can you explain the differences between those yep so you can actually so.

When I hate when I told you this was my favorite report I can actually right click and I can add this report to my favorites and now when I go to my favorites there’s my patient analysis report right there and you can see the reports that I  keep in my favorites and so View more Renaissance Dental 

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The Thruth about dental helps.

How to make sure you don’t the secret to  having great staff meetings how open-door communication can make or  break your dental practice the importance of instilling and always be improving mindset Facebook for your team how  to reduce resistance and implementing new procedures or training the biggest mistake most front office is making how  to fix it.

Why your numbers shouldn’t always be your main focus and at the end of the episode you’ll find out where you can  get something that lower calls the new patient flow guide so be sure to listen all the way through this entire interview to hear what that is and where  to access now here’s my interview with Laura hatch hello ambitious dentist today I have with us Laura hatch Laura is the founder and creator of front office rocks which  is a genius resource for you guys out there.

So this is a resource let me paint a picture for you you have an office manager or you bought her practice and has an office manager she’s you know   years old and she’s been with the doctor since they started the practice whenever the doctor leaves your office manager leads along with her all of a sudden you have no one dental helps in your practice that knows  how to be an office manager or even really how to run the front desk what do you do in the past.

You’d have to hire a consultant or learn all this stuff yourself but Laura’s created is a really really cool resource training videos for  the front office and I’ll tell you it has a little secret a lot of the times when you get the new person in if you get a consultant in and you train someone what happens one of that office manager leaves you in six months she added the process all over again so this  is all online it’s all digital I think it’s a really great product that everybody should go and check out so Laura thank you so much for coming on the show today well thank you I appreciate you having me very cool I got to know well how did how did from office rocks come.

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Life-saving Tips About dentalhelps

Your plan before you   buy finally if you stay in-network you often won’t have to deal with submitting claims yourself the dental office and your insurance provider will handle that on your behalf if you are out of network.

you may have to submit your own claims and wait to be reimbursed again before you buy a dental plan I will highly advise that you search whether or not your doctor is a network or find another doctor.


That works with your insurance company  now as I promised in the beginning of this video here is a great information that will help you navigate the dental insurance needs first pay attention to when you are buying.

The insurance if you are at work and the employer is offering multiple plans spend some time really researching which point is best for your family or for yourself if you really only need dental cleaning then maybe a basic dental plan will be sufficient.

If you are planning a major procedure like a root canals crowns and said etc but then you may want to get more expensive plan that pays more for this procedures and is less likely to exclude services also call your insurance company and ask questions remember you are paying the money so ask.

The question soon try to understand your plan also read the booklet that you get from the insurance company it is ultimately your responsibility to know how the plan works so do your homework read.

The summary of benefits for your plan believe me this will save you tons of money work with an insurance agent agents will be able to compare various options and help.

Link :

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How we get renaissance dental

were giving renaissance dental media device to do X my intuition my gut was telling me to actually do Y and so that is my final answer for you if you’re not sure whether to pay off your mortgage or invest that money and I’m saying that’s really for everybody.

renaissance dental

renaissance dental

Who’s listening who has that same question one way that you could figure that out is to pick an answer commit to that answer and then feel what your gut tells you about the course of.

Action that you’ve selected because you’re either going feel relief at that course of action or you’re gonna have the same feeling that I had that upset feeling in the pit of your stomach

That you can’t quite articulate but that doesn’t leave you and when you feel that you’ll know that it’s the wrong choice if nothing else flip a coin heads you pay off your mortgage tails you invest alright do what the coin says and now don’t actually do it the coin says feel

What you feel about what the coin says that’s gonna give you your answer thank you Amy for asking that question our next question comes from Catherine hey Paula my name is Catherine .

I’m and I just had an offer accepted on my first duplex that I’ll be house hacking my personal emergency fund is fully funded with six months of living expenses and I don’t have any high interest debt so

The personal side of the equation is good my question is about the savings to keep specifically for rental properties you have separate buckets for vacancies repair and maintenance impacts on the blog I see that

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tricks to get humana dental plans for seniors

Get the humana dental plans for seniors most information the fastest when you’re checking eligibility humana dental plans for seniors for the patients that you’re scheduled now you.

humana dental plans for seniors

humana dental plans for seniors

You probably have the list of contracts that you signed and hopefully you can go look through those contracts hopefully you saved .

Them the insurance provider manuals if you signed contracts and usually somewhere in there is that but let’s say that you walked into a practice let’s say you’re an office manager and .

This has happened to me as an office manager I walked into a practice and they said we take Delta okay and then I’m processing the claims and I realized that they take more than Delta.

They take this plan that plan this plan and so what I had to start doing is reading the EO B’s and then I realized that we should have been asking us when we check the eligibility because if you .

Don’t know who you’re in network with you don’t know what you’re supposed to be writing off and what you’re not supposed to be writing off you don’t know if your co-pays your your patient portions are correct it turns into.

Very stressful environment for whoever’s doing the billing and this is how not having this information this is how you set your office managers up to fail this is how you get high turnover at 

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How To Buy Renaissance Dental Insurance At Low Cost

How To Buy Renaissance Dental Insurance At Low Cost

  • Apart Renaissance Dental Insurance from paying attention to your eating and drinking habits in order to prevent tooth yellowing , regular and proper dental cleaning and regular treatment of a specialist dentist are among.
  • The most important conditions. However, you can prevent yellowing in your teeth with some natural methods, or you can even get a whiter look than before;
  • 1 teaspoon of carbonate, 2 drops of olive oil and half a lemon of the water formed by a cure, you can brush your teeth after dipping your toothbrush.
renaissance dental insurance

renaissance dental insurance

  • Basil is also very effective in whitening teeth. You can use a few basil leaves every day or add them to your toothpaste after drying them.
  • Brushing your teeth in the evening with the inside of the orange peel will prevent tooth jaundice and will also purify.
  • the microbes around the mouth and teeth. After drying the orange peel into a powder, you can use it with toothpaste just like the basil leaf.
  • Banana peel is another effective method in tooth whitening. After averaging 15 minutes with your banana peel, brushing your teeth with toothpaste will give effective results.
  • Because it contains malice acid, strawberry is also very effective in teeth whitening. After a few strawberries into a dough, you can add some carbonate to it, apply the resulting dough to your teeth, then rinse your mouth with water.
  • Carbonate and salt mixture is another effective method to prevent tooth jaundice. Salt will remove the layers from the teeth with the granules it contains.


Oral and gum disease is one of the most common health problems seen today. The teeth that are not given the required value can be faced with bigger problems after a certain time. These problems can often result in toothache . So how does toothache go , how to pass toothache ?


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How To Get Full Coverage Dental Insurance Blue Cross

Full Coverage Dental Insurance Blue Cross RPM rather than single rpm it’s quite difficult to do isn’t it it’s requires coordination let me go with .

This as well okay there we go okay okay cavity here Full Coverage Dental Insurance Blue Cross I come okay so this is my poor feet Oh kinda like sewing machine and they just put inside.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance Blue Cross

Full Coverage Dental Insurance Blue Cross

The person’s mouth and drill away drill away like that this inside your mouth must be quite you can hear the grinding oh he’s going so well yes yes I don’t think I’ll be coming to you in a hurry the arrival of.

The treadle drill really did changed industry forever for the first time dentists could fight back against cavities and save our teeth from extraction but to make full use of these new tools dentists.

Would have to overcome the problem they’re screaming struggling patients in the distant past pain relief left a lot to be desired if you were lucky when having a tooth extracted you might be given a slug of.

Whiskey or you might need to seek comfort in prayers the Saint Apollonian the patron saint of Dentistry pain would only be overcome in the late th century through the discovery of an almost magical sect of chemicals and gases.

The first substance to be used as a general anesthetic was nitro us oxide or laughing gas this is one way to keep it acquired if you’d like to do this be okay at sundown laughing gas had been used as a recreational drug for decades.

When in an American dentist named Horace Wells spotted its potential one day Horace Wells was sitting in the audience.

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Whay We Do Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance I see in the  shoulder tendon tears you’re going to  know you have a tendon tear because most  likely Dental Insurance the doctor will say it you will it was generally picked up on an MRI  which is a machine that.

That that um takes an image of your shoulder pendant cares can be accident related you can  split your tendon and they can come from an accident what type of accidents car accidents as you .

dental insurance

dental insurance

All types of motor vehicle accidents truck accidents  motorcycle accidents even a fall that’s the good news if you’re making a personal injury case based on your injury which is a tendon tear the bad news is.

that tendon tears  may also be before the accident this is against something when every new client who either calls me after they’ve been diagnosed with a tendon tear a doctor tells them they have a tendon tear .

I  discover it in their medical records after the Siddhartha it’s one it just it enters my head is a possible injury that existed before the accident and if it enters my head it enters the insurance adjusters  head who’s handled likely many many many tendon tear cases yours will not be their first tendon cases .

maybe more difficult cases what do I mean by that because your tendon may have existed your tendon tear may have existed before  the accident you have the additional element of your case improving that your accident caused the tendon tear you need your doctor to relate the tear doctors are very.

important in personal injury cases hopefully with your doctor telling  the truth he will relate your tear to the accident some doctors do a lot of work for insurance companies and if you’re injured during work.

for example and you treat what the workers doctor who is bailing your workers compensation insurance they are more likely to say  that tear was not caused by the accident hopefully cb edits your doctor says again the tear is related because again as part of a personal

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