Why Some People Almost Always Make/Save Money With TOOTH POLISHER !!!

it comes to cleaning your teeth with an electric  toothbrush https://www.dentalwishes.com/tooth-polisher/ you’ve actually got more options than you’ve ever had before if you buy an oral-b electric toothbrush you have various different toothbrush heads.

That you can actually connect to the handle of your toothbrush I’m holding just a few examples here in this video we’re going to taking a look at the different brush heads available and which one would best suit yourself so continue watching to find out so starting with.

The cross action brush head TOOTH POLISHER here that we have this is best suited to the daily clean mode although all of these brush heads will work with any cleaning mode on the brush but some are better suited to particular brushing modes you can see we’ve got a series of different colored bristles on.

The brush and these are angled as degrees to sweep along the gumline across the tooth surfaces and in between teeth to clean out plaque and any debris that you may have caught up on or along the gum line around your teeth we then have the trays own brush head.

Which is most reminiscent of a TOOTH POLISHER  manual brush we’ve got three parts to the brush head itself we’ve got the white and then we’ve got the dark blue and then the light blue bristles you can see how we’ve got the power tip at the top here and we’ve got the white bristles that are sweeping.

That’s the motion it takes when actually in use and then we’ve got the other blue bristles there in the middle that will pulsate when in use that’s suitable again for daily clean mode we then have the floss action brush head and this is designed for deep cleaning we’ve got.

The main oscillating rotating TOOTH POLISHER  part the brushes you would expect we’ve got four yellow and green tips bristles that get deep between the teeth and are responsible for most of the flossing so that’s for deep cleaning we then have a d white brush head and we’ve got this polishing cup basically in the middle

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