The Thruth about dental helps.

How to make sure you don’t the secret to  having great staff meetings how open-door communication can make or  break your dental practice the importance of instilling and always be improving mindset Facebook for your team how  to reduce resistance and implementing new procedures or training the biggest mistake most front office is making how  to fix it.

Why your numbers shouldn’t always be your main focus and at the end of the episode you’ll find out where you can  get something that lower calls the new patient flow guide so be sure to listen all the way through this entire interview to hear what that is and where  to access now here’s my interview with Laura hatch hello ambitious dentist today I have with us Laura hatch Laura is the founder and creator of front office rocks which  is a genius resource for you guys out there.

So this is a resource let me paint a picture for you you have an office manager or you bought her practice and has an office manager she’s you know   years old and she’s been with the doctor since they started the practice whenever the doctor leaves your office manager leads along with her all of a sudden you have no one dental helps in your practice that knows  how to be an office manager or even really how to run the front desk what do you do in the past.

You’d have to hire a consultant or learn all this stuff yourself but Laura’s created is a really really cool resource training videos for  the front office and I’ll tell you it has a little secret a lot of the times when you get the new person in if you get a consultant in and you train someone what happens one of that office manager leaves you in six months she added the process all over again so this  is all online it’s all digital I think it’s a really great product that everybody should go and check out so Laura thank you so much for coming on the show today well thank you I appreciate you having me very cool I got to know well how did how did from office rocks come.

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