Life-saving Tips About Renaissance Dental

The number of patients Renaissance Dental who came in a period of time say let’s just say March how many people came in March who had a comp exam but I also create a new code which is a a which is an emergency patient.

Who was seen for the   first time so when I run my new  patient reports I’m  looking at how many patients came in for a comp exam and how many patients came as new patients through our emergency channels yes so I look at a little differently so I don’t really use any of the reports.

That just print off new patients for a period because patients  seem this month could be very different if this was the first time they’ve been in or this was you know especially some of the resort areas.

Renaissance Dental That I work in maybe somebody came in as a new patient but they just had a crown reinserted or you know trust me to a denture yeah and  that’s good at no matter as long as the procedures walked out on.

What the difference is for each one of  Renaissance Dental those you  okay so first of all you said you can hit P and that would take you to everything that starts with patient or anything that starts with the word P and that’s a to get to the right section.

But Ego soft has also gone through and kind of categorized the type of reports you might want to look for and then there’s  my favorites and quick reports can you explain the differences between those yep so you can actually so.

When I hate when I told you this was my favorite report I can actually right click and I can add this report to my favorites and now when I go to my favorites there’s my patient analysis report right there and you can see the reports that I  keep in my favorites and so View more Renaissance Dental 

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