How we get renaissance dental

were giving renaissance dental media device to do X my intuition my gut was telling me to actually do Y and so that is my final answer for you if you’re not sure whether to pay off your mortgage or invest that money and I’m saying that’s really for everybody.

renaissance dental

renaissance dental

Who’s listening who has that same question one way that you could figure that out is to pick an answer commit to that answer and then feel what your gut tells you about the course of.

Action that you’ve selected because you’re either going feel relief at that course of action or you’re gonna have the same feeling that I had that upset feeling in the pit of your stomach

That you can’t quite articulate but that doesn’t leave you and when you feel that you’ll know that it’s the wrong choice if nothing else flip a coin heads you pay off your mortgage tails you invest alright do what the coin says and now don’t actually do it the coin says feel

What you feel about what the coin says that’s gonna give you your answer thank you Amy for asking that question our next question comes from Catherine hey Paula my name is Catherine .

I’m and I just had an offer accepted on my first duplex that I’ll be house hacking my personal emergency fund is fully funded with six months of living expenses and I don’t have any high interest debt so

The personal side of the equation is good my question is about the savings to keep specifically for rental properties you have separate buckets for vacancies repair and maintenance impacts on the blog I see that

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